BIG FIVE AI CRM includes a tool to determine a prospect's Personality from their written text.  When you run a Personality and save the person as a contact, BIG FIVE saves the results with the prospect record.  We use that information plus some other magic, to load Tasks with messaging tuned to that person's Personality.  

Studies have shown that if you make a personal connection with a prospect, your chances of closing the sale increases significantly.   When prospects receive a personality tuned message, they can't quite explain it, they don't know why the message seems different...the messages in BIG FIVE tend to create an emotional connection with the prospect without you meeting or speaking with them. 

BIG FIVE personality tuned messaging increases your odds of establishing a personal connection with a prospect.  And once you make a connection with the prospect, if you review the Personality Insights for that person, which are included in the tool, you will know what to say, and what to avoid.

BIG FIVE CRM also includes an Emotion Analyzer for replies.  Use the Personality tool to find out what makes them tick or what makes them run for the hills.  Use the Emotion Analyzer to determine how they really feel in a response to your message.  The tool passes each sentence in a reply to our BIG FIVE AI EMOTION MODEL, which tags each sentence with an Emotion and Engagement Score.  We recommend that you pay attention to sentences with a high Engagement score and respond appropriately if a sentence is flagged as Hate or Worry.

Note:  BIG FIVE does not store written texts entered into the text input box. Texts are passed to an Artificial Intelligence model where it makes a best guess based on written text.  The system only retains the scores that are derived from the model, which identifies their Primary personality.


  1. Enter written text from a prospect into the text input box and select the Profile button.
  2. When prompted select the + Contact button and include the prospect First and Last name, Title and potentially their LinkedIn profile URL in the popup dialog and select Save.
  3. Select the Launch Connect Message button to load the first task from the My Tasks section of the tool. 
  4. Copy the personality tuned message and insert it into a LinkedIn Connect Message box and optionally modify the message before sending it and Send.
  5. Repeat step 3 for other prospects you have loaded.
  6. When a prospect replies to a message, indicate that in the prospect Timeline.
  7. From within the Contacts section review prospect Insights before reaching out to them.  Pay attention to Conversation Insights.
  8. Optionally enter a reply from a prospect in the text input box and select the Emotion button to find out how they feel about your response, product or service.
  9. Over time BIG FIVE automatically loads other tasks if they do not reply.  Complete those as they show up in the My Tasks section of the tool.


Add Contact:  Enter written text from a person into the Input box and select the Profile button at the top of the page. 

To obtain written text for a prospect we recommend that you locate the prospect's written text from their LinkedIn profile. 

  • Copy text from their About section
  • If they do not have an About section or it is not populated, copy all Recommendations Given (they would have written those) and paste all of them in the text input box.  
  • If they don't have either of those populated, select all employment texts (not the title) and paste those into the text input box or if they have replied to an email, enter that.

IMPORTANT:  For best results, you need six or more sentences written by the prospect. The more the merrier/better results.

When the Personality chart is presented, select the +Contact button (add contact).  From the Add Contact dialog enter a minimum of the person's First and Last name and select the Save button.

Tip:  Optionally enter a unique contact id from your system into the Your Key input box.  This information appears in BIG FIVE reports, allowing you to link results to your data.  If you don't have a unique contact id, the system generates one to uniquely identify contacts in an extract. 

Tip:  BIG FIVE saves the contact to a temporary table.  To load prospects from the temporary holding table into the BIG FIVE CRM, complete Connect Message tasks (see Tasks below).


Select the Tasks button.  BIG FIVE switches to the My Tasks section of the tool and presents a list of tasks to complete.  From the list select the Launch Connect Message button. 

BIG FIVE pulls a prospect from a temporary table, configures a Cadence Plan for that prospect, and presents the Connect task message.  

Connect messages are designed to fit the length restriction set out in LinkedIn.  When tasks are loaded, BIG FIVE copies the message to the clipboard.  Locate the prospect in LinkedIn and paste it into the LinkedIn message window.  Optionally modify the message and select Send

When you have completed the task in LinkedIn select the Next Connect Task button in the BIG FIVE CRM and work your way through the other Connect tasks.

When you have completed all Tasks, the system presents a Task Complete message in the upper right hand corner of the page and auto selects the Contacts button.  The list of Contacts is updated.

TipBIG FIVE personality tuned messages contain placeholders that are replaced with prospect contact information and your contact information.  To update your contact information, select the My Account button and update at a minimum your First and Last name.


When a Connect task is loaded, BIG FIVE generates a Cadence Plan unique to that prospect.  BIG FIVE automatically staggers other tasks to appear over time.  

Tasks are as follows:

  1. Connect Message
  2. Follow-up Message
  3. Cold Call Script
  4. Value Message
  5. Special Offer

When the prospect replies to the Connect message and you indicate this in the tool, the Follow-up task is presented in the prospect Timeline.


To indicate a reply from a prospect in the BIG FIVE CRM tool select the Contacts button (if not already selected). Then select the Timeline button (the clock) in the contact's toolbar (see example below).

Completed tasks appear in chronological order.

If the prospect replies to the Connect message, select the Reply button (see above) in the prospect Timeline.  BIG FIVE presents the Launch Follow-up Message task (see below).

Select the Follow-up Message button and BIG FIVE loads a personality tuned Follow-up Message.  

Tip: The CRM tool includes Quick Pick message options below the task message.  Simply select a Save button from the list of personality tuned messages and the text for that Task type and Personality is updated for all prospects with that Personality.

From within LinkedIn, select My Network and then Connections.  Select the Message button in LinkedIn, paste the message, optionally modify it, and send the message.  Select the Contacts button in BIG FIVE and the Timeline is updated (see example below).

When the prospect replies to the Follow-up message select the Reply button in the prospect Timeline.  You would now do your thing and win the business.

Note:  When you select a Reply button in the Timeline, the Cadence Plan ends for that prospect.  The system will suppress the load of any future tasks.

If the prospect does not reply to the Follow-up message, BIG FIVE loads a Cold Call task at a future date.  The Cold Call task appears in the My Tasks section of the tool.

Select the Launch Cold Call Script button for the prospect.  If you have completed the task, select the Next Cold Call Task button.

Tip:  If you have not completed the task and wish to repeat Cold Call tasks at another time, select the Tasks button.  

IMPORTANT:  When a prospect replies to a task, load the Timeline for the prospect and select a Reply button.

In this example shown below, we completed the Cold Call task, which now appears in the Timeline.


Tip:  We recommend that you complete all tasks in the My Tasks section of the tool in the order of appearance.  BIG FIVE ensures that there is only one task available for each prospect per day, so you can complete them, knowing there are no duplicates for a prospect.  If you hold off on the completion of tasks, BIG FIVE moves out other tasks to future dates automatically.  Work top down and complete the Connect, Cold Call, Value and Special Offer tasks in that order. 

Tip:  To reload a Task select a Revisit button (the round arrow as shown below).  BIG FIVE reloads the message. Optionally complete the task again.


Tip:   If you need to end the cadence and suppress all tasks select the End Cadence button in the prospect Timeline.

Tip:  To restore a cadence plan for a prospect, select their Timeline button.  You will see this messsage...

Select the Retore Cadence button. 

Tip:  To edit contact information for a prospect select the Pencil button in the prospect toolbar.  


The BIG FIVE tool includes an Emotion Analyzer for prospect replies.  Use the Emotion Analyzer to determine how they really feel in a response to your message. 

Select the prospect Timeline button (the clock).

Select the Emotion Analyzer button in the Timeline footer.

BIG FIVE automatically scrolls to the top of the page and presents the Emotion button.

Enter an email response into the text input box and select the Emotion button.  The tool passes each sentence to an Artificial Intelligence model, which tags each sentence with an Emotion and an Engagement Score.  We recommend that you pay attention to sentences with a high Engagement score and respond appropriately if a sentence is flagged as Hate or Worry.  Other emotions expressed by BIG FIVE include Anger, Boredom, Enthusiasm, Fun, Happiness, Love, Relief, Sadness, Surprise, and a few others.

Based on the prospect's personality and overall emotional state as represented in the Emotion results, BIG FIVE presents a suggested Strategy (see example below).


Contact filter:  Enter a partial string in the filter input box (Example shown below) and select enter on your keyboard or select the Search button in the search bar.  To isolate a specific contact, you may need to enter the full first and last name.

Company filter:  To filter contacts by Company name select Company from the toolbar, enter your criteria in the search bar and select enter on your keyboard or select the Search button.

Person filter:  To filter contacts by the person's first or last name, select Person from the toolbar, enter your criteria in the search bar and select enter on your keyboard or select the Search button.

Internal Advocate filter:  To filter prospects that have connected with you, select Advocate from the toolbar, enter your criteria in the search bar and select enter on your keyboard or select the Search button.  Contacts with a blue Timeline are the prospects that have connected with you (Internal Advocates).

Personality filter: Optionally isolate contacts by Personality.  Select a Personality type button and select the Search icon in the search bar.   Contacts with the selected Personality are isolated.

Optionally use the pager controls to navigate through pages of contacts.

Tip:  Select the Expand button to toggle the view of the Profile section of the tool (hide/show). 


Insight:  Select the Lightbulb button to load Insight for the selected contact.  The tool shifts the Contacts section to the left of the page and presents Insight to the right of the page in a split view.

Example of Insight for a selected contact (partial view):


TipReview prospect insights before reaching out to them.  Insights indicate what they like and what to avoid when communicating with them.

Note:  If you are on a Free Plan you will see Basic Insights.  Upgrade to a paid plan to gain access to Advanced Insights


Select the A button for a person.  Select a B button for a different person.  The tool shifts the Contacts section to the left of the page.  It presents an interactive Personality Comparison chart to the right (creates a split view).

Note:  You will need a minimum of two contacts before you can run a Personality Comparison.

The Personality Comparison tool allows you to compare one person to others in rapid fashion.  In the screenshot above, we selected the A button for Vivek and the B button for Bruce which loaded a Personality Comparison chart for Vivek and Bruce.


TipBIG FIVE keeps track of the A person. To reset the previously selected A person, simply select a different A person.  The blue button is the A person.  The orange button is the B person in the A/B Personality Comparison tool.

Hover over the initials for the A person (blue button) in the chart, to reveal trait insight for that person.

Hover over the initials for the B person (orange button) in the chart, to reveal trait insight for that person.